Kadhal 2 Kalyanam (Tamil Movie) – Music Review

Benny Dayal and Chinmayi’s sprightly vocals contribute a great deal to the allure of the techno-soaked Idhu Kadhalai which otherwise has a fair bit of sub-par orchestration moments. But no such quibbles about the groovy Natpin Kathaigalai, arranged exquisitely by Yuvan Shankar Raja and delivered to a tee by Krish. While Idhu Kadhalai is saved by the vocals, another techno track Naa Vetta Pora Aadu where the composer dons the vocalist role with Roshini, turns out to be an unimpressive affair owing to mishmash-y arrangement and just-about-average vocals. YSR gets right back on track with the next track though, a very bouncy retro-ish (mildly Raja-ish?) track called Vellai Kodi. SPB Charan does a fab job on the vocal front, though it might have sounded better in his dad’s voice methinks. And just the way he got on track YSR gets off it with a middling rock track next, Thedi Varuven. While the arrangement is jaded in itself, Toshi doesn’t help one bit with his singing. The soundtrack ends on pretty much the same note it started, a techno track that would have been instantly skippable if not for some interesting points in the orchestration and the dependable Naresh Iyer and Andrea Jeremiah behind the mic. Having said that, the song does get tedious towards the end even with these elements.

Strictly run-of-the-mill stuff from Yuvan Shankar Raja for Kadhal 2 Kalyanam with couple of enjoyable, but zero exceptional tracks.

Music Aloud Rating — 7.25/10

Recommended Tracks — Natpin Kathaigalai, Vellai Kodi, Idhu Kadhalai