United Six – Music Review

You can get the cast-and-crew details of United Six here.

Despite sounding in places like a fast forwarded version of Dog Gone Crazy from Action Replayy and a general heard-before-ness overall, Sunidhi Chauhan and Style Bhai make Booty Shake an entertaining track with their exuberance, Pritam Chakraborthy propping up their work with a catchy arrangement.  Monali Thakur and Suzanne D’Mello get in the act next with an techno track called Give It Up. With its mild anthemic feel I wonder if the movie has anything to do with sports. And I am not sure if it is just me, but the title hook sort of reminded me of the lead refrain of Sailor Song by Toy Box. Interesting song in any case, worth a listen.

Waha Bhai Waah follows the standard techno-Punjabi template, and hence gets boring as it progresses. Sole reprieve comes in the form of Anoushka Manchanda’s vocals, but there is only so much a vocalist can do. Same goes for the remix as well. Things end with another electronic Punjabi track sung by Neeraj Shridhar, You Are The Reason. Entertaining in parts, but repetitive and hence wearisome overall.

United Six has an average soundtrack with no real stand-out song, which runs a serious risk of being forgotten quite soon.

Music  Aloud Rating — 5.5/10

Recommended Tracks — Booty Shake, Give It Up