Engeyum Kaadhal – Music Review

Evocative of a mood akin to Harris’ own Nenjukkul Peydhidum from Vaaranam Aayiram (and also seeming to reveal a Pachelbel’s Canon-esque undercurrent on repeated listens), Engeyum Kaadhal works beautifully, with its serene orchestration and some excellent singing by Aalap Raju, Devan and Ranina Reddy. The composer follows it up with another haunting track Thee Illai which will have you hooked right from the brilliant violin bit that opens the song. Sung by Naresh Iyer, Mukesh, Gopal Rao and Mahathi, the song is replete with signature Harris Jayaraj elements, but the déjà vu feel does not in any manner affect the enjoyability of the track. With a beat template borrowed from MJ’s The Way You Make Me Feel, Nangaai brings down the level of the soundtrack a bit. Harris does introduce some interesting elements in the arrangement, especially in the second interlude, and the singers Richard, Rahul Nambiar and Naveen Madhav do an exuberant job, but those don’t prove enough.

Things once again return to the regular Harris mode with Lolita, a track that features some excellent Spanish guitar and a beautiful sax interlude, both in a heard-before way. Karthik and Prashanthini are fabulous on the vocals. Bathing At Cannes sees engaging hip-hop by Emcee Jesz and Kash & Krissy interspersed with violin bits which seem out of some East European classical piece. And in the semi-classical Nenjil Nenjil Harris presents the song of the soundtrack. The arrangement of the song is mindblowing, Harris cleverly introducing the classical elements at the right places to magnificent effect. Harish Raghavendra and Chinmayi do total justice to his arrangement, delivering the vocals to a tee (raga Charukeshi I believe).  Another Harris Jayaraj trademark acoustic guitar-laden melody called Dhimu Dhimu sung by Karthik closes the soundtrack in style.

A year past his last score Aadhavan, Harris Jayaraj returns to Tamil in top form with a soundtrack that has everything that one identifies the composer with, and beautifully so.

Music Aloud Rating — 8.25/10

Recommended Tracks — Nenjil Nenjil, Engeyum Kaadhal, Thee Illai

Irfa says:

Hey Guys, Not only Thee illa, Dimmu dimmu, Nangai songs are inspired, also Kulu kulu ven pani pola song(an Intro song for jeyam ravi) is also inspired from A.R.R’s hollywood movie Couple retreat “KURU KURU Kankuruvea” song… A.R.R is the Guru For HJ

roshan says:

Naangai is a super song and is going to be a hit. Nice peppy song.

ZAMRI says:


ZAMRI says:


Anand says:

U fools Harris rocks for ever. Rahman fans are always Greedy dogs. First ask Ur Rahman to stop copying all songs in Endhiran are copy Irumbilae copied from Lady Gagas dance in the dark. Pudhiya manitha copied from Kraftwerk- The Robots. All other songs are remake of his old tunes.

Anand says:

U fools Harris rocks for ever. Shitty Rahman fans are always Greedy dogs. First ask Ur Rahman to stop copying all songs in Endhiran are copy Irumbilae copied from Lady Gagas dance in the dark. Pudhiya manitha copied from Kraftwerk- The Robots. All other songs are remake of his old tunes.

rick says:

typical HJ music…. Surly two songs are perfect. The rest are just average but good that HJ is experimenting. Its obvious that musicians cannot avoid inspirations from within or externally. Its inappropriate to compare one another as ARR is a living legend and many are still treading on their own path. HJ knows the pulse of people for which is why he repeats the same track again and again but there is a breaking point and he needs to move on. Even Ko seems to be a repetition of his earliar work. Well hes got couple of more releases hopefully new compositions will be unveiled..
Everybody has their own style and patterns, eventually its the people who decide on whats good and whats not.

vimalathithan says:


vimalathithan says:

HARRIS is not better than ARR. Mostly Harris copies from ARR music….Rocking Anjala song (varanam 1000) is a copy of ARR music from the song sarithana(TAALAM).adiyae kolluthey is copied from AC DC LOVE BOMB.munthinam parthaen is fully a copy cat work.
All his songs are copy of others music.


GOKUL says:

hey guyssss
the songs are the best..really enjoyed them.engeyum kadhal song is the best of all songs recently released.the HARRIS is gonna be the next ARR.

Ajas says:

Harris Jayaraj is the best music director in indian cinema. Please don’t compare him with any other copycats..

Alex says:

Harris Jayaraj rocks forever

alex says:

see guys …. y dis fight happening? dis proves that harris gives such a great music than arr idiot, so harris is greater than arr. arr fans cant digest the fact that harris willl be in 1st position.. so they are telling bat abt harris as copy cat. and yuvan and all cant be compared to harris. dont tell harris as waste…. he is genius in music..

babu says:

super songs


if Engeyum Kadhal is the better than ARR Scores why the site reviewer gave 8.25/10 compared to what he gave for all ARR Albums

1. 9/10 – Raavan http://www.musicaloud.com/2010/04/23/raavan-music-review/
2. 8.5/10 – VTV http://www.musicaloud.com/2010/01/11/vinnai-thaandi-varuvaaya-music-review/
3. 9/10 – JHS http://www.musicaloud.com/2010/09/18/jhoota-hi-sahi-music-review/

Common Kid grow-up……..

adith says:

nice songs of ” Engeyum kaadhal “. Nice tracks of music scoring Especially of about ” Dhimu Dhimu” & Nangai r rocks. just listen the music ” Harris Rocks”.

shri ram says:

Hey fools just shut your mouth Engeyum kaadhal songs rocks

shri ram says:

Hey all stupids just shut up dont compare harris & yuvan is waste.This year 8 films but 2 films only chartbusters or all others are wasted.I like only paiya songs.I realy eager for thillalangadi but the songs are waste.But harris tis year only one film create a blockbuster hit next year will be the harris rocker Engeyum kaadhal,ko,7arivu.Hats of to harris because i engeyum kaadhal songs are lovely and i am for ko movie when i’ll saw tat trailer ko trailer rocks.

Pranav says:

Hey u just cant compare arr and harris..comeon i would say rahman deserves oscar award..but not for the jai ho song..he has so many melodies that in my life i wont forget..
arr is a genius..he knows where to use and where not to use to get a melody..his numbers are completely different..
but harris though gives some great feel for a song..his songs are only for the time being..after some years if u hear the song again u ll feel that hes just used the same tune in the previous album also..i could sense the full magic working only in minnale..it is THE album to say..
but harris is really great that he could get lots of good numbers..engeyum kadhal is my favourite..anyways engeyum kadhal is also rocking !! but now im expecting kuviyamila from kowhich is more awesome..lets see

Raahul says:

Agian the magic of Harris Sir workd in dis flick…
i jst love all his songs….Hatts Off to him…for his brilliance in music…
His romantic songs are soo touching…..my fav8 song is Thee Illaii…
anthr fav8’s are Oru maalai, Vaarayoo, Vizhi moodi etc etc….
Love you Harris Jeyraaj…
…………………………………………………………………………………………………Raahul Raam

Raahul says:

my fav8 song is thee illai

Bargoo.P.yez says:

Hai,i am very happy to hear.Don’t compare any music directors with others.I know what is this and how to compose.Just listen the songs if you like otherwise leave it that’s better. Here no one gives fresh songs. A.R.Rahman just modifies the very old songs from hindi and tamil,Harris modifies from western songs,Yuvan modifies his dad’s tune,etc.,So don’t blame anyone.Just listen and enjoy.Even you also copying activities from others then y blame others.Life is so short,DON’T WASTE UR’S TIME by blamming. Bye

Bargoo.P.yez says:

Hai to all

Vignesh says:

Harris s always better than a.r rahman…. A.R.R only copied many songs like vaada vangika vaada in sivaji film like many songs he has done…So dont say copy…Once Again harris done a magic…i love Harris and Gautham…..harris songs will make a huge hit Engeyum Kadhal. If any one feels its all copy..PLZ DONT LISTEN OUR HARRIS SONGS…We are there to hear harris songs.

S.J.Robinson says:

Also “Lolita” song’s humming at the start reminds A.R.Rahman’s hummings in the starting of “Veera” from Raavanan. I love A.R.Rahman for his own music styles & gives us very different & best songs in every film.
Example:- VTV, Raavanan, Enthiran.
We enjoyed different kinds of songs in every film without same kind of songs.

S.J.Robinson says:

“Thee Illai” song’s beat is similar to A.R.Rahman’s “Omana Penne” song’ s beat.
“Dhimu Dhimu” song’s starting (guitar music) is not only similar with “Call me Dil” but also with “Elay” song from Maestro’s Sakkarakatti
“Nenjil Nenjil” has the inspiration of “Enge Enadhu Kavithai” song.
Many songs have the inspiration of our music maestro A.R.Rahman’s songs.
I’m proud to be a fan of music maestro, emperor of music our own A.R.Rahman.

Arjan Thottumkal says:

The keys (fused keyboard keys) in the beginning of the song “Thee Illai” are heard mostly only in Rahman’s compositions, Harris Sir has used it too. Rahman uses that key sound in 1-2 songs of almost every film soundtrack and BGM he is being composing since 2006. I found that kind of key nowhere in other compositions I’m a very keen listener of music and can judge the styles of compositions. Even inclusion of Kash & Krissy for the first time is a wonder in this album as the duo have mostly featured in Rahman’s songs like Dochey & Irumbile Oru Idhaiyam.

pradeep says:

awesome album. harris rocks. Bathing at Cannes song really inspired me a lot

RZ says:

Orange songs were released on october 26.fullmetal u said that orange songs wr sheduled 2 released on august,but postponed.then hw cn arr hear the song before the audio launch.jhoota hai sahi songs wr releasea on sept 17,orange on oct 26.tell me before the audio launch of orange hw cn arr hear the guitar tune.so,ur news is obvsly wrong(the great lier).so,hj copied frm arr is the truth.

RZ says:

Hey guy fullmetal ur a lier man.orange songs wr released on october 26,it ws nt postponed.k,harris done a massive copycat from call me dil song.

sultan says:

de harris..why are u giving same kind of music in all your films.u are good at recognising peoples pulse…but dont repeat the same..ur songs in engeyum kadhal are replicating your old films such as 12B, adhavan and etc…..create new kind of music ……

Fullmetal says:

You say that dhimmu dhimmu starting guitar music was copied frm call me dil!!! Well..let me tell you one thing..dhimmu dhimmu tune was already used in chilipiga song in the telugu film orange (music by Harris)..the songs of wich were ready way bk n was ready to b releasd on august…bt it was postponed on account of post production works…jhoota hai sahi songs were released on sep 17 …wat do u say abt this??? Huh??? Check the truth b4 criticising anyone!:-P

selva says:

I write this for those who make bad comments about yuvan. Do you ever heard his voice. His magical music is the anthem for the young people. I accept harris proves good in his style and yuvan is good in his style

JOEROXhman go listen to his recent days says:

guys shut mouth’s people ,what rubbish one says harris is not better than a.r.r and one says not better than yuvan..don’t compare and blame the music director’s for their works man..everybody knows about harris music man ,he need not have to prove u stupid idiotic people ,the results is proved he is greater composer a total music director in all aspect ,brother above yuvan does ten to 12 films you say tracks or hit boody fisrt of all do u know what hit means nonsense not even his 12 films 12 songs are hit ,and recent days flop hindi songs 100% flop songs ,harris is the is the best in consitency and hits ,see everybody are inspired in one or otherways yuvan case many songs he is inspired from his dad and a.r.r 70% of his songs percussion are m.j songs and other harris percussion programming ..compared to all this truth ,harris is far better than a.r.r and pls don’t compare harris with yuvan ,yuvan not even 1% close to harris .yuvan only modifies hip pop rhythm see i don’t want to compare any m.d’s but u guys have made me ,i know how idiotic a.r.r fans are if a.r. copies they will say its an inspiration and if harris inspires they will call it as copy cat ,,bloody peiople harris e.k also rocks beats all ..

Pradeep says:

Harris jayaraj’s trademark melodies. Very nice album.

ANand says:

Amazing songs!!!

RZ says:

A great copycat work from Harris jeyaraj.dhimu dhimu song starting guitar music was copied from rahman’s call me dil song from jhota hi sahi film,and the other songs are same beat as his previous songs.thee illai also copycat music from warriors in peace.nangai was copied from micheal jackson.harris cotinued his copycat works.we can’t even compare harris for yuvan.yuvan is better than harris.Rahman is the best forever.i like to say this year’s best tamil albums are vtv,raavanan and endhiran.my marks for this album is four out of ten

Jagan says:

hi, this jegan i feel ‘thee illai’ song is good. i think he done a very good job in ‘orange’, but in engeyum kaadhal its lagging, i understand its a director problem he needs like this. ko teaser song ‘eno kuviyamila’ is better, i think ‘ko’ will be the hit no in 2011 than ‘EK’. Harris, we still waiting for good and different sound from ur own composition.i am ur best fan from minnalae but day by day ur songs are not valued compared to yuvan, yuvan always rocks. this year he released 7 albums all are hit nos.why dont u?he had 12 more flims in his hand with big budgets. wat abt u?u have only 3 flims…. i really ashame of u in front of my friends…pls do more flims with different sounds dont copy from others…….pls….pls……….

raj says:

still i feel harris gives better western music than rahman…

raj says:

From the Harris fans meet earlier this year, I’m told that Prabhu Deva requested Harris to compose a MJ-ish track (Nangaai) in addition of importing Chilepega’s (Orange) tune.so dont say simply copycat work…no one copies a famous song unless the director needs for his film…

raj says:

engeyum kadhal is good(but starting is similar to ‘dochey’ song).thee illai lyrics superb(but music is similar to warriors in peace instrumental).naangai is not a hj track but mj track.bathing at cannes is a experimentation(kash is good at endhiran but here worst).he cannot cpompete with arr in rap,(also classic and clasical western).nenjil nenjil song is good.dhimu dhimu average.hj cannot compete with arr.arr is genious.even though websites mark hj as copy cat,he continues his copying.

sudakar says:

Excellent .feel the music please don’t compare with others.Harris is simply superb. you rocks man.I listened the song when I was in a Peak tension. it completely cooled me ,this what audience need .I am an audience I thoroughly enjoyed and it satisfied me. Iam relaxed. and Harris you have done a magic. even others say it is repeated, I am clear I like it very much .great Nejil nenjil wow what a feeling , lolita, engeyum kaadhal, nangai, thee illai, are myu favourite

arun says:

songs are awesomeees 8.25 ila u can give full 10 marks

THEE ILAI nathing at caness nangais are superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr engeyum kaaadal rockssss

nangai at start give feel of mj but later full song changed it track to harris number with kuthu inside kuthu beats tamil like superrr nangai

on the whole album is versatile harris album

Ashvi says:

Hi Sheelan.. where did u hear Nenjil Nenjil, Engeyum Kaadhal &Thee Illai before..?
Grow up Kid.. Don’t just blame.. These three and lolita are best songs for me.. Really Amazing..

Sheelan says:

Best album ha..lifting and having all use of others songs is a best album……..very funnyy…………………………………….grow up kiddddddddddddddddddddd………………….harris dont dont make ur fans as fools………..ur doing,………………..god bless ur fans……………..

Kadhir says:

Songs are amazing amazing. The best album of the year so far.. All songs are amazing!!