Hisss – Music Review

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Anu Malik proves he has not entirely lost his skills with the very effectively arranged quintessential nagin song called Lagi Lagi.. Though he spoils it a bit trying to cram a lot of stuff into the six minutes, the track works in both its versions, Shreya and Sunidhi giving their own identity to the 2 variants through their unique styles.  And only a song later, he returns to his mediocre recent self with a thoroughly clichéd and uninspiring arrangement in Lafanaa, Sunidhi’s vocals going in vain. Julian Lennon creates a very interesting tribute to Hemant Kumar’s Mann Dole which is spoilt only by Mallika Sherawat’s vocals. And funny to see Mallika credited as lyricist for a song which came out in 1954! 😀

Beyond The Snake is undoubtedly the pick of the album, a number that starts off like a lounge track before switching gears to rock. While DKFP (David Kushner & Franky Perez) do a spectacular job on the composition, Shruti Haasan does an equally splendid job rendering it. Hiss and I Got That Poison are effectively the same song, the former being composed by Salim Sulaiman and quite engaging with its haunting elements and Shweta Pandit’s rendition. The latter is pretty much a DJ track, composed by Shraddha Pandit (with music by Panjabi MC, whatever that implies)

For a horror flick, Hisss’ soundtrack definitely exceeds expectations. Not that anyone would care about it while watching Mallika in the movie. 😀

Music Aloud Rating — 7/10

Recommended Tracks — Beyond The Snake, Lagi Lagi, Hisss