Do Dooni Chaar – Music Review

do dooni chaarListen to the soundtrack here.
I remember reading some time back an interview given by Meet Bros, who have done the music for Do Dooni Chaar with Anjan-Ankit, in which they said that the tracks would be nostalgic, reminiscent of 70s and 80s, as Neetu-Rishi couple was back on screen after two decades. Well the soundtrack of the movie is anything but nostalgic! Out of the four original tracks, two tracks pass muster. The title track – mainly owing to the exuberance of Shankar Mahadevan and Vishal Dadlani behind the microphone – and Maange Ki Ghodi, which sees an interesting combination of some engaging arrangement and quality singing by Krishna and Rakesh Pandit. Even then they are the sort of tracks which would get tedious after a few listens. The Punjabi Baaja Baajeya has Sunidhi Chauhan singing to a stale arrangement. Don’t know if its just me, but I found Sunidhi’s vocals lacking the usual quality. Ek Haath De has the composers do the vocals themselves. The composition is pretty ordinary and I found the way they pronounced “Ek Haath De” pretty irritating. In fact the “Ek Haath De Ek Haath Le” motif appears in 3 of the songs.
And then there are the three remixes. From the sound of it Do Dooni Chaar Jam seems like an actual impromptu recording. Not a very good jamming session anyways, given the quality of jamming people like Shankar Mahadevan are capable of. The Club Mix of the same song is interestingly arranged. DJ Phukan‘s remix of Ek Haath De is as middling as the original.
An ordinary soundtrack which will get pushed into oblivion pretty soon (unless Prof. Arindam Choudhari creates some magic with his famed marketing skills 😉 ). Not that it matters much for a comedy movie.
Music Aloud Rating – 5/10
Recommended Tracks – Do Dooni Chaar, Maange Ki Ghodi