Music Review – Endhiran


(You can listen to the soundtrack here.)

When I saw SPB in the credits of Puthiya Manidha I expected the massy yet majestic, philosophical sort of hero song that he usually sings for Rajni, but what greeted me instead was a blast of techno sounds and synthesized voices. Fortunately the vocals are not processed for the entire song and hence we get to enjoy SPB’s vocal brilliance sans adulteration about half way into the song. I am not sure if Khatija Rahman actually sounds that way or there is an electronic assistance, but whatever it is she sounds fantastic! And there are enough Rahman-special elements in the song to make it enjoyable on the whole, but in a very sophisticated way, not the kind generally expected of SPB-Rajni combo.
The moment you hear the beautiful acoustic guitar opening for Kadhal Anukkal you know that nothing can go wrong in this one. And true to expectations a mesmerizing melody follows, Vijay Prakash and Shreya Ghoshal totally rocking the vocals. Them and ARR’s breezy arrangement which includes some surprise elements like the Celtic first interlude – Kadhal Anukkal is instant addiction! Irumbile Oru Idaiyam is a sharp contrast however, an average tune with an overdose of electronic instruments. Kash and Krissy accompany Rahman on the vocals for this one. The under 3 minute Chitti Dance Showcase rendered by Pradeep Vijay, Pravin Mani and Yogi B is a pot pourri of sorts, featuring everything from electronic to konnakol to orchestral elements. And hence it is interesting in parts. But when taken in its entirety it doesn’t make much sense. May be watching it in the movie will give a better idea. Arima Arima is all about orchestral extravagance, Rahman employing an entire range of instruments to effect that imposing feel. I can already picture a Vaaji Vaaji type of setting for this one. And with Hariharan, Sadhna Sargam and the chorus doing a fab job at the vocals as well, Arima Arima is a winner!
Kilimanjaro is entertaining for its tribal fusion elements in arrangement and the vocal efforts of Javed Ali and Chinmayi rather than for the tune per se. It is interesting to note the various instruments, specially the percussion, that make appearance at different points of the song. The soundtrack closes on a relatively lowkey note, with another electronic-soaked track, Boom Boom Robo Da, sung by Yogi B, Swetha Mohan, Kirti Sagathia and Tanvi Shah. Though the base tune is middling, it too does have its interesting points, especially the Middle Eastern elements in places.
While the soundtrack of Endhiran has enough fodder to delight a connoisseur, it remains to be seen how much its sophistication will appeal to the masses, who are after all Rajni’s primary target.

Music Aloud Rating: 8.5/10

Recommended Tracks: Kadhal Anukkal, Arima Arima, Puthiya Manidha

TamilFan says:

You dont call Endhiran songs Music. These are Soundtrack pieces. As music it is WASTE. Songs may be a hit. We know why bad songs are hit and good songs are flop. It is in distribution and not music value. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya was good, Raavanan also was OK. But Endhiran music is a big JOKE. Tamil Film music has gone down the drain. Shame that praises are being showered for poor quality of music work.

anir says:

The combo of Shankar & Rahman has earlier given us super-hit movies and music – Boys & Sivaji. This time in Enthiran, it’s a big disappointment – because when it is AR you expect the moon… his standards are way too high for ordinary music directors. There is not one track that stands out and grabs you by the collar. It’s a mish-mash of genres – techno, pop, tribal… one misses the traditional ballad or the folksy stuff – though in Kilimanjaro there is an attempt to fuse tribal. 2 key changes is the absence of the brilliantly talented H. Sridar and Blaaze (replaced by the malaysia imported Yogi B). My guess is that the film based on tech/futuristic – therefore the overdose of techno/electronic… and therefore the canvas gets limited… in Boys it was the hip-hop, rap, new age, rock that was there to compliment the youthful story… and yet the tracks were thumping hits. Enthiran I hope grows on me with repeated listenings 🙂 But I do miss the magic of AR…

oli says:


Selvam, Sivagangai says:

The techno songs may a pack a punch with the visuals when seen on the screen, but this is not an album you will pick and listen to a month from now. I do not by any means suggest that ARR’s musicianship has faltered, he has done his best. But this album is clearly on the top 5 list of ARR’s worst albums.

unni says:

I liked Irumbilae for its intriguing lyrics. That makes it work with the rather non-innovative techno beats.