Hello Darling – Music Review

HellodarlingPritam tries to give his own flavour to the Lata Mangeshkar classic Aa Jaane Jaa in his remix, but fails quite comprehensively,undone by an overdose of electronic elements. Even the efforts of Akriti Kakar and Javed Jaffrey are not enough to prop it up. I would trade this for the Instant Karma version any day. Band Baaja is engaging, but in a very Billo Rani-esque way and that repeat factor wears you down after a bit. Adding to matters is Richa Sharma once again at the helm of affairs. Its better than its remix though. And also better than Dil To Saala which follows next, a very bland composition. Wasteful usage of Sunidhi‘s voice once again. At this rate her bad songs will far outnumber her good ones by the end of her career, which would be very unfortunate for a singer of her caliber.
Attrah Baras is marginally better than the previous two songs, but only marginally, thanks mainly to Suzanne D’Mello‘s sprightly vocals. The arrangement here too is a below par affair. Working Girls which brings up the rear, has an orchestration which is interesting in parts, and a decent vocal effort by Shweta Pandit, Ritu Pathak and Priyadarshini. But whatever interesting points it has gets drowned in the super-useless lyrics!
A pretty forgetful soundtrack from Pritam. But for a movie titled Hello Darling, I don’t think a much better effort was called for in any case.
Music Aloud Rating: 5/10
Recommended Tracks: Not really. 🙂