Lafangey Parindey – Music Review

LafangeyparindeyThe title song starts on a pretty promising note, sinister-sounding Middle Eastern bits that open the track and the rock template that then kicks in. Ronit Sarkar‘s singing is also quite in place. But somewhere as it progresses the song loses its edge and there the interest span also pretty much comes to an end. The song does have its high points though, courtesy Anandh‘s clever arrangement. Nevertheless, won’t rate among the best title songs I have heard to date, even counting just the rock-based ones. Things improve considerably come Mann Lafanga, a well-arranged melody with a leading country feel to it lent by the acoustic guitar, and sung well indeed by the current melody king Mohit Chauhan. Not so attractive is the club mix, spoiling the arrangement to a fair extent. A rock-based dance track follows next, Dhatad Tatad sung by Shail Hada and Anushka Manchanda. But I frankly didn’t find it very impressive despite the lively vocals. The arrangement is just about average, made up of cliche-ridden beats.
It is in Nain Parindey that Anandh really rises to his elements though, crafting a sedate melody with some subtle arrangement. Shilpa Rao‘s vocals have been utilized brilliantly in the song. Equally entertaining is the groovy rock-ish Rang Daalein, sung by Suraj Jagan. Anandh adds enough spunk in the arrangement to have you hooked. Especially loved the Celt elements that are introduced in the latter part of the song. The instumental track called Born To Fly closes the soundtrack, and is made up of three parts. Starting with a sad orchestral piece dominated by the piano and the strings, the song then moves into a guitar-led sequence before taking up a violent orchestral turn, the strings section literally going wild. The last part also features a brief orchestral version of the base tune of Dhatad Tatad and the tune sounds pretty interesting here unlike its original.
Three stand-out songs among six original tunes. Anandh returns after his rather long exile from Bollywood with a decent soundtrack, though given his past exploits (Agosh, Zor, the latest Limca jingles etc for the uninitiated) he could have done much better. You can listen to the songs here.
Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10
Recommended Tracks: Nain Parindey, Mann Lafanga, Rang Daalein

simran says:

love all the songs except the first song…this movie will rock. will be mega blockbuster for cute neil and beautiful deepika. 🙂

simran says:

love all the songs except the first song…this movie will rock. will be mega blockbuster for cut neil and beautiful deepika. 🙂

piush says:

Accurate review ! Love Rang Daalein.. groovy ..driving down to goa song 🙂