Music Review – Khatta Meetha

khatta meethaThe groovy dance pop elements of Nana Chi Taang will have you hooked right from the word go. Kunal Ganjawala‘s boy band-like voice comes out best in songs with Western flavour. And for that reason he does a fab job here too. Not pointing out an instance of plagiarism here, but the recurrent humming loop reminded me of the humming loop towards the end of Rabbi Shergill‘s Bulla Ki Jaana. The remix is also a good listen with some innovative improvisations. Sajde, with its folksy arrangement, is the standard Pritam romantic melody. But KK and Sunidhi‘s flawless delivery mitigates the banality of the tune. The remix which sees Sunidhi replaced by Harshdeep Kaur, is not so appealing though.
Shehzad Roy makes his debut in Bollywood with Bullshit, guest composer Shani‘s take on Shehzad Roy’s controversial 2008 satire on Pakistani politics called Laga Reh which was promptly banned there. Priyadarshan was better off using the original track itself though, as Shani’s version doesn’t compare with Laga Reh (which you can watch in the space below this review). And finally there is Aila Re Aila, the song which currently accompanies the TV trailers. Sung by Daler Mehndi and Kalpana Patowary, this one is another definitive Pritam dance track, strongly reminiscent of Dil Mein Baji Guitar from Apna Sapna Money Money. But it packs quite a punch nevertheless owing to the exuberance of the singers. The remix is a fast forward version of the song at best.
By regular comedy movie standards, Khatta Meetha‘s soundtrack is pretty decent. Happy to see Shehzad Roy debut in Bollywood!
Music Aloud Rating: 7/10
Recommended Tracks: Nana Chi Taang, Aila Re Aila, Sajde

Nice songs ..i lv akshay & his movies..the songs R downloadable..