Kushti – Music Review

KushtiTouseef Akhtar‘s score Rang Rasiya, which he sings alongside Anuradha Sreeram, seems like an effort to prove the inconsequentiality of musical quality in comedy flicks. While the cacophonous orchestration in itself is a turn-off, even Anuradha Sreeram sounds irksomely shrill in many places. Thankfully Sreenivas‘s debut Dangal doesn’t follow that path, with its predominantly Southie arrangement and the impeccable rendition by the composer and Shreya.
Next up are the AD Boys who present Kar Kar Kushti Kar, a deja-vu-inducing banal Punjabi track. They hadn’t done a great job in their previous outing De Dana Dan either, so no surprises there. Hriju Roy makes his entry next with a patchy though just-about-passable take on the Hanuman Chalisa, rendered by Ravi Choudhary. The best composers of devotional tracks in recent times have been Ajay-Atul in my opinion. By normal standards Dekho Mere Gaon Mein, sung by Abhijeet, would have rated as a below average track, but in this soundtrack, by relativity, the song comes as a welcome change! Even then, you won’t be listening to this one many times. No idea who composed it.
A largely hohum soundtrack. Wonder why the director didn’t leave the entire composing to his buddy Sreenivas, especially when he did a good job of the only song he got. Nevertheless, you can listen to the soundtrack here.
Music Aloud Rating: 5/10
Recommended tracks: Dangal, Dekho Mere Gaon Mein