Chase – Music Review

chaseSajid and Wajid try to produce something along the lines of Dhan Te Nan and similar hyper-energetic tracks, but end up with a rather meek version in Get Set Go, which though entertaining in places, is a middling fair overall. Having said that, Wajid does a good job in delivering the song, though unfortunately he fails himself on the composing part. 🙂 Things are marginally improved in the club mix, though even that doesn’t help the song enough.
Composer Vijay Verma makes his entry with Shaam Ki, a cliched yet passable romantic melody impeccably delivered by Shaan and Shreya. The composer does a decent job of arranging the interludes but fails on the overall tune, and hence the song will not hold your interest beyond a few listens. The lounge mix normalises the banality to a slight extent and hence makes the track more entertaining. Enter composer no. 3 Mr. Udbhav Ojha with a seduction song a la Kaisi Paheli and the likes set to a jazz background. Again a song with its high points but a prosaic affair when taken holistically. Some of the high points are Vasundhara Das singing a song after a break, and the jazz orchestration which sounds quite interesting in places. I fail to understand why the director had to give each song to a different composer. Giving to one person might at least have improved matters a bit, I feel.
Three songs. Three composers. Bad idea. In any case, from the reviews the movie itself seems to have been a bad idea! With albums like Raavan and Admissions Open, Chase stands zero chance!
Music Aloud rating: 5/10
Recommended Tracks: Well if you absolutely must, listen to Shaam Ki !

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