Paa – Music Review

paaMudhi Mudhi is delightfully Raja-ish in its arrangement, Shilpa Rao doing an equally wonderful job rendering the buoyant number. Though fleetingly reminiscent of his compositions like Ninnu Kori from Agni Nakshatram and Three In One, the song charms in all three of its variants, the other two being an almost similary orchestrated Udhi Udhi again rendered by Shilpa, and a mellowed down Gali Mudhi by Shaan. But after that treat, things take a sober turn. Gumm Summ Gumm is a reproduction of Raja’s classic Malayalam composition Thumbee Vaa from Olangal, coming in the voice of his daughter Bavatharini. The 1982 track has found its reproduction in various forms in various languages, but none have so far managed to capture the magic of the original. Neither does Gumm Summ..,  in spite of the clever improvisations like the jazz sequence in the second interlude.
The southie feel continues with the Muslim-styled Hichki Hichki rendered by Sunidhi. And the way it sounds it doesn’t seem to be of the type that will hold your interest for more than a couple of listens. Halke Se Bole sees yet another poor reproduction of an Ilayaraja classic of yore, this time Putham Pudhu Kaalai from Alaigal Olivathillai, the chorus idea turning rather unsavory. Mere Paa is not as enjoyable for the song part as for the novelty in Amitabh Bachchan‘s childish rendition. And the interludes by Ilayaraja. This song should turn much more entertaining with the visuals. The Theme song which closes the proceedings is a nice appealing tune, the same that appears in Mere Paa. The chorus version could have been replaced with a pure instrumental one though.

With just one truly exceptional tune in Mudhi Mudhi, Ilayaraja produces a just-about-average soundtrack for Paa, at least for his calibre. And looks like my dream to hear a totally non-recycled Raja album in Hindi will remain a dream forever!

Music Aloud Rating – 6.5/10

Recommended Tracks – Mudhi Mudhi, Theme Song, Gumm Summ Gumm

You can listen to Paa songs online here.

vasanth says:

No words to talk about Dr.Illyaraja Sir!!! Greatest musician in the world. சிரம் தாழ்த்தி கரம் கூப்பி வாழ்த்துகிறோம் வாழ்க பல்லாண்டு வளர்க உமது இசைப் பயணம் Thank you very much for you to gave us lovable music.

I dont have words to talk about Dr.Illayaraja sir, He is always great. Now all other composers copy raja sir music and do remix but raja sir is the only man to break his own record. My wish to other composers is Please dont copy or remix raja sir’s music those who copy or remix his music should feel shame.

santhosh p kumar

Muthamizh says:

illyaraja really great !!!!!!!!!!
God Father of Music……

Natarajan A says:

Simply Ilayaraja!!! Rocks….
Music = Ilayaraja

Message to Hindi Audience…
You Listened our A R Rahman…& Delighted
Listen to Ilayaraja…you will be shocked that we have such a great musician in India…

Natarajan A

k7 says:

RAJA sir is a maestro……………….. No one in the world is worthy to comment about him…..

Babu says:

Maestro Ilaiyaraja is the king of music,Hope his background score will be very impressive and superb in this film as usual.Raja gives his old tunes in new form,, its nice to hear, & Maestro can make the new revolution in hindi films if he wish to do….

I do agree with RKR’s points.

crashonvid says:

I also loved Shaan in the other Mudhi Mudhi song… Im glad Raja chose these singers.

crashonvid says:

I totally agree with VIP. Infact I was thinking along the same lines. Identifying gum summ gumm as Thumbee va from Olangal is a great find. I couldnt guess for a very long time. Thanks! what a relief!
Shilpa Rao is simply fantastic in Mudhi Mudhi!

BALAJI says:

Hi all,

Gumm Summ Gumm really great raja……………………. Once again he proved King of Music……

Raja’s Fan

ramesh says:

I read all the comments and after frequent hearing the song sung by shann is the best and the violin orchestra ,the guiter bit no body can do with such a precision and involvement hats of to ilayaraja.The second best is the GUM chum by the Bhavatharini which did not impress me in the first listening but after 4 to 5 times the song is something special. The sad part is flute by arunmozhi is not used in any of the songs and ilayaraja is the best in using flute altleast he will compensate in BGM by using flute.the rest of the songs are not very impressive and have to be evaluated after seeing the movie.

Arjun Sekar says:

i agree that this is no way near his best work but this album is like a breath of fresh air compared to the other noisy movie albums getting released.this album is genuine and the tunes are very breezy and makes u feel light hearted especially gumm summ and mudhi mudhi and its versions..,the jazz used in gumm summ is truly genius.the track sung by AB would probably be appreciated more in the movie itself…rest of the songs are average but nevertheless its really wonderful to listen to the maestro after so long..thanks balki for showcasing this genius in bollywood

VIP says:

I dont know what made you think we would not approve this message. This is a free country after all and everyone is entitled to expressing his/her own opinion. 🙂 My opinion of Paa was that IR’s score isn’t quite what a die hard fan would expect him to give. And its not even that he is out of steam, something he amply proved with a beautiful soundtrack for the Malayalam movie Pazhassi Raja. And even appeal-wise I doubt this soundtrack would go down well with majority of the Bollywood-following crowd, as even you have pointed out at the end of your review as well, albeit in a different manner. Say whatever you want, I would always want Raja to become a big name in Bollywood as well just like Rahman is, which is definitely not going to be effected with a soundtrack such as this. Hence my average rating for the album. Not everyone joins me in this opinion, including you and Karthik above, which is fine by us. 🙂 We respect everyone’s views here at Music Aloud. 🙂


rohit says:

i am sure u wont let this message go thru. Am pasting this link so that you can read my take on the music of paa

thank u

Anusha says:

Lets face this, All of us who have grown listenin Raja’s songs can identify atleast 1 or 2 of his old tunes in each of these songs [except gumm summ and halke se bol]. We definitely want to hear more from the Maestro but not his same tunes. New ones.

All said, I totally agree with VIP when he says that it is ‘a just-about-average soundtrack for his calibre’.

Karthik says:

The tune of Mudi Mudi (and all other versions) is something which only IR can produce. A continuous wave like flow. The way charanam blends back to pallavi is brilliant! The way instruments are used largely differentiates each version

Gum Sum Gum, really a different dimension to that song. Great guitar and piano works!

Halk Ke Se Bole – Again I am stuck how come that tune beautiful got fit in this children chorus

Hichki Hichki – Sheer Brilliance of Ilayaraja. Who else can compose such a complex rhythmic pattern song which appears simple

Paa Song – “Full Lights On :D” Kudos to Amitabh. This song should be the crowd puller.

Paa Theme – Grand orchestration! Have you guys ever heard these kind of music? I hope now you will stop saying Ilayaraja is some south Indian folk music composer. Should I mention whom I am referring as ‘you’?

A wonderful album by Ilayaraja! Wishing the movie a great success!

RKR says:

Here is my dream hindi album for ilaiyraja….

1) All new tunes…

2) Songs sung by Lata Mageshkar/Asha Bhonsle/Jagjit singh/Alka Yagnik/SPB/Yesudas/Chitra…

3) All songs penned by Gulzarji…

4) He should really stop working for mediocre movies like Jaganmohini/Vaalmki/Azagar malai etc and use those tunes for hindi movies….

5) He is the only guy who can save Hindi music industry for all the western infulences it has now…

6) He was the one man army who stopped hindi music into south india…now its turn for him to stop western music into india…

7) He should bring all the retired veterans like Lata/Ahsa another round and show all these amatuers what is melody….

VIP says:

I think u ve misunderstood my statement. I ve said that more than the tune the novelty of Bachchan’s child-like rendition (‘childish’ was not meant to be offensive either :)) is what makes the song more enjoyable, along with Ilayaraja’s interludes. and knowing what ilayaraja is capable of, i really didn’t feel this album was among his best, and hence the rating of 6.5.. everyone has his personal opinion of course.. 🙂

Rohit says:

Would have given it at least 7.5. 6.5 is too harsh.

I am absolutely surprised that you are ‘not impressed’ with the ‘childish’ rendition by Big B! Trust me, this would go down as one of the best songs sung by ANY actor. I agree with your take on the delightful Shilparao number which is in 3 parts!

The theme rocks…and I am with Kumar that its an OST and not a music album!

Wish I could make you read my review!

Peace and equanimity

VIP says:

@Kumar: I am totally with you on the situation governing the way the song would be orchestrated part, but still when reviewing the song, esply its a remake of an older one, one cant help taking a comparative stand, and in most cases it is normal for the original version to win.. 🙂 and i m not against reuse of classics, just that of the four movies that IR has done in hindi all have been majorly remakes of older songs of his. its only natural for a fan to wish for a totally original one from him in hindi which would make a lasting impact. like rangeela from rahman for instance..
btw masakalli has a reuse story behind it?? thats news for me!!

Kumar says:

@VIP, Sorry no offense. My comment was not about saying its average. Its about complaining about the chorus, and lacking magic of the original etc., This does not seem to be generic movie, with generic characters to have generic songs, so it has to go by what movie demands, even if it is going to be not a great listen. Regarding reuse of songs, Balki was has been saying from cheeni kum days that he wants to review classics, I don’t know why we have to so against it. That too for a song that was never picturized!. If not for reuse many Rahman’s songs would have been unknown, even uber cool Masakali. I do agree they could added a instrument track or proper versions of some songs for our listening experience.

VIP says:

May be the movie situation warrants only this type of a track, nevertheless my opinion would still stand that this is an average track. And when Ilayaraja can do totally original songs in Tamil and Malayalam even now for OSTs, I dont understand why he has to indiscriminately go on reusing his old tunes in Hindi alone. So far nothing that he has done in Hindi has been devoid of at least one older tune of his. Hence as a Raja fan I couldn’t help but express my concern at the end. 🙂 And the same reason added to my calling it an average track. Wasnt meant to offend you or anyone else..:) As for the second comment, when I said yet another, I meant yet another instance of Ilayaraja reproducing an old tune of his. Not specifically Putham Puthu Kaalai.

Kumar says:

Also what you mean yet another version of Putham Puthu kalai?. There was only one version before, it was not even in telugu version of the film andnever picturised.

Kumar says:

Dont know what you expect, this is a OST, can only up to what the movie situation needs, not an music album.