Daily Quiz #44, #45

Quiz #44
This song is part of a project that is a parody of a famous actor. Identify the band/actor.

Hint: They have a lead vocalist and another vocalist just for the accent.

Quiz #45

Identify the composer and the significance.

Answer in comments.


#44 – The band is “Austrian Death Machine” and the actor is Arnold Schwarzenegger

#45 – The composer is “Anand Ghan” which was a pseudonym used by Lata Mangeshkar under which she composed music for around 5 movies.

Nirad and Rosh hit the nail on the head securing 2 points each while Praneetha gets 1 point for #44.

Rosh says:

#44. Band = Australian Death Machine
Actor = Arnold Schwarzenegger

345 Composer “Anand Ghan” which is the pseudonym Lata Mangeshkar composed music under. The movie/song won her Maharashtra State Government’s awards for Best Music and Best Song.

Nirad Inamdar says:

#44 – Famous actor, hoarse voice and “i am a war machine” were suggestive enough. Arnold Schwarzenegger (or whatever the spelling is). Had to search for the band name. Austrian Death Machine

#45 – Anirudh brought up perhaps one of the only 5 Marathi songs that i know by heart. The composer is ‘Anandghan’, which is the pseudonym used by Lata didi.

Praneetha says:

44 answer: Arnold & austrian death machine??