Aao Wish Karein – Music Review

aao wish karein

Getting a decent solo after a pretty long hiatus, Kunal Ganjawala makes the most of it, lazily rendering the sweet track called Sabse Peeche composed by Ankur Tewari. The Western-flavoured song takes you back to the days of songs like Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh. (In fact this song was actually composed by Silk Route, and Ankur Tewari has previously adapted it for Let’s Enjoy.) Sunidhi Chauhan is equally charming int the female version of the song, though the increased tempo of the song slightly dampens the fun. Then again Ankur Tewari makes up with a second and wonderfully arranged reprise of the song, marked by its lack of percussion and the chorus beautifully complimenting Kunal’s vocals. Ankur continues to display his way with retro tracks in his next song as well, a collaborative composition with Mikey McCleary called Tum Mere Ho, Kunal and Sunidhi once again getting behind the microphone. Ankur and Mikey however flounder in their second and final outing, the carnivalesque Sab Yahaan Hai, which fails to make an impact despite Kunal’s sprightly rendition.

Enter Xulfi of Call the Band with a quintessential Paki rock track, Reh Jaane Do. One thing I like about Xulfi’s compositions is that they almost always feature some exquisite violin bits (Eg. Laree Chootee), and even in this case he manages to fit in a wonderful violin sequence towards the end of the interlude, which then proceeds on to the antara. Kuch Aisa again comes from Xulfi in his own voice, and would have you engaged by way of its arrangement and variations in pace of rendition. Don’t know if it’s just me, but I got reminded of Green Day‘s Boulevard of Broken Dreams at places. The sad version of the song doesn’t have anything sad about it at least in the tune, being the same as the original one in almost every aspect, except some minor tweakings here and there, and a curtailed length of just under two minutes.

A nice comeback for Kunal Ganjawala, a decent follow up for Ankur Tewari after Lets Enjoy (though the original version of Sabse Peeche is a straight reusal of the Silk Route version Ankur does deserve full credit for the reprise version which has been beautifully arranged) and Xulfi’s good run continues. To summarise, do not miss the music of Aao Wish Karein!

Music Aloud’s rating: 7.5/10
Recommended tracks: Sabse Peeche, Reh Jaane Do, Kuch Aisa