Quiz #16

Happy Diwali to all our readers!!

A slightly non-workoutable question today. The four guitarist share something with three other Guitar Gods. What?


The Yardbirds. The four people in the pic are Anthony “Top” Topham, Chris Dreja, John Idan and Gypie Mayo in that order, and they share with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck as having served as lead guitarists for the band. The list is of course not restricted to these seven, and has a few more in the lineup.

Just one crack for this one, and that is by Easwar. So he gets one point.

Nirad Inamdar says:

i’ve a random guess (no clue who these guys are).
I saw that Hendrix, Page, Slash, Satriani all have
Signature Gibson guitar models

easwar says:

The yardbirds ??