Quiz #14

What is the significance of the scene? Rather what follows the scene?

Answer in comments.


The scene is from Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid, and what follows the scene is Bob Dylan’s Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. Dylan also acted in the movie doing a character called Alias. You can watch the whole scene inclusive of the song here.

Rightly cracked by Easwar, Vivek and Nirad who get a point apiece.

Nirad Inamdar says:

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.
What a pleasant discovery (Bing, not Google) due to a great qn!

Jayesh says:

Just a bling guess….
“Good bad and ugly” in the background?

Vivek N D says:

Knockin’ on Heavens Door

easwar says:

They play Knockin’ on Heaven’s Doors by bob dylan. The movie is Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.