Quiz #11


Question courtesy: Vaibav Devanathan from IIT Bombay

Answer in comments.

Answer: The guy in the pic is H.P. Lovecraft. Metallica’s song Call of Ktulu was named after his short story “Call of Cthulu”. The music used in the background of this particular scene from Gunda is a rip-off of “Call of Ktulu”.

1 point each to MS and Anurag.

Anurag says:

My guess is Metallica –
The dude is H P Lovecraft and since it is a music quiz, he must be here because of the song “Call of the Kthulu” by Metallica. Can’t connect the video to Metallica though

MS says:

The pic is of Howard Phillips Lovecraft he wrote Cthulhu, which was inspiration of Metallica for writing ‘Call of ktulu’. Clip from movie gunda actually uses that in the backgroud.

Vivek N D says:

HP Lovecraft and Mithun da Gunda. They were at some point of time band members of The Amazing Arkham Asylum Air Guitar Band who covered The Great Gig in the Sky:)…no clue on the actual connection.

easwar says:

movie is gunda

probably the background score was given by the guy in the pic. I have no clue who he is