Ruslaan – Music Review

ruslaanExcept for slight rock elements sprinkled here and there (the drums in the background and a guitar solo in the second interlude), Maula is a pure sufi devotional song, faintly resembling Kailasa’s Dilruba. Master Salim is impeccable on the vocals, and this time I am almost sure it is Salim Shehzada (Wonder why the change to “master” Salim though). A feel good song overall. I dont understand why the hell anyone would want to remix this sort of a song! As it happens there is a remix done by Abhimanyu Singh, making a mess of it. Next up is Pyaar Ki Parsayee, a ghazal sung by Hariharan and Sadhna Sargam. Listening to a ghazal from Hariharan is always a delight! So is this one, Sadhna doing an equally superb job. And the composition is classy. Equally impressive is the instrumental version, Raeess quite appropriately choosing the flute to lead the proceedings. The MD then chooses to go on a totally different track with the peppy Har Ek Lamha. The result this time too is impressive, helped on its way by the flawless vocals of Javed Ali and Sunidhi Chauhan. The remix this time, done by Shailesh Suvama, is nicely done.
A soundtrack comprising of just three tunes, covering three different genres beautifully. Excellent debut by Raeess Jamal Khan (Assuming it is his debut! I couldn’t find any info pointing to the contrary).

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