100 rupai by Zeest

zeest1This is slightly old news but since I got to know of this only today and since I found the song to be a must-listen I decided to post the news anyways. I am sure the band Zeest needs absolutely no intro for the youth of the Indian subcontinent. Their song BC Sutta was so much of a rage in colleges that there is absolutely minimal chance you haven’t heard it at least once. (If you haven’t then you really gotta be rethinking what you were doing while in college after all!!)
Well the point is that early this year Zeest released their next song which they called 100 rupai, meant as a dedication to the current economical scenario. According to the band “the song is a story of a financially frustrated Indo-Pak’s youth life.” We think the song is a brilliant follow up to their previous hit. Another youthful song with simple conversational lyrics and soft-rockish feel. The guitar segments are especially worth mention. Plus, this song is zero on abuse quotient which is saying something after Sutta!! I really wonder whether it is for lack of publicity that this song hasn’t caught up after so many months of release. In any case, people reading this article please try to spread the word about this song. Its really a must-listen. The band is apparently working on their debut album currently. Making even a conservative extrapolation from Sutta and 100 rupai, that is going to be some album!! Here is the song for you. You can also download it at their website.

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atif says:

100 rupay nice pretty song, it looks like my own story.. chai bhi Peeni hai, paan bhi khana hai, yaad mei oski sutta bhi jalana hai .. haha just love it man!
i think this is not the official video of 100 rupay newys keep up the good work zeest, we love sutta anthem for all the smokers and broken hearted people. lets hit it … ZEEST ROCKS !