An Irish nod to the English game!!

dl-methodSongs about cricket are fairly less in number. And an even lesser number among them are popular. Having said that there have been successful cricket numbers too. In fact Guardian’s sports writer Andy Bull had a couple of months back compiled a list of eleven greatest cricket songs ever which can be read here. Now if you have forgiven my digression, what I am here to say is that Neil Hannon (frontman of Irish chamber pop band Divine Comedy) has teamed up with another Irishman Thomas Walsh (of the pop band Pugwash) to create a bunch of songs which would definitely add to Bull’s list.
The album titled The Duckworth Lewis Method contains a dozen songs promising to take you on a brief trip through cricketing history. Even the songs mostly have a pretty vintage feel to them, a couple of them almost passing off for Beatles songs. The best one of the lot is the absolutely hilarious ode to Shane Warne’s “ball of the century”, Jiggery Pokkery. The album releases in a few hours’ time. In the meantime, you can listen to soundbites at their official site or myspace page. And below is a short video featuring the band. Also including a video of Warnie’s legendary Gatting ball, just in case people want a refresher on that!!

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