Paying Guests – Music Review

paying-guestsPaying Guests is the latest comedy flick in tinseltown, with a horde of actors including Shreyas Talpade, Javed Jaffrey, Johnny Lever, Riya Sen, Celina Jaitley, Neha Dhupia et al. And the music, almost predictably, has been handed to the hottest faves when it comes to comedy films, Sajid Wajid. The review for you.

Jack n Jill

There are two things that are bad about this song. First thing is that the tune is VERY stale. And the second thing is that it is annoying in most parts starting with the chipmunk-ish processed voice which renders the Punjabicized version of the nursery rhyme. Shaan’s energetic rendition goes totally in waste as there is nothing in it for him. And if you thought this was the worst, listen to the remix!! A second vocalist in the song, by the way, is Earl D’souza who last year had rendered the song I am a Bad Boy in Bhram. I believe he is the rapper in the song, as I could not discern another vocal in any other part.

Nazar Se Nazaria

The instrumentation of the song is heavily inspired from Krazy Kiya Re from Dhoom 2 and I find it hard to think of it as a coincidence having such a stark resemblance. To add to the similarity factor, the words sexy and crazy keep appearing in the interludes, and the song is rendered by Sunidhi Chauhan. Someone lifting a tune from Pritam of all the people, thats funny!! Having said all this, Nazar Se Nazaria is a catchy song. Not much credit to Sajid Wajid though, as the catchiness is mostly owed to the original. And the kind of song that it is,  even the heavily electronic remix version sounds quite befitting.

Paying Guests

The title song is a just about average tune. The bols are nice, and so is the rendition by Wajid, but the song as such doesn’t have much that would have you returning to it. Worth a couple of listens and thats about it.

Ya Rab-ul-Alameen

Though the credits say Ya Rabula Rabbi everywhere, on listening to the song I felt it was Ya Rab-ul-Alameen. And so shall the title be on Music Aloud. Now this one is a pleasant relief, quintessential Sajid Wajid, with the likable groove akin to Do You Wanna Partner but a tune that is better than that, with a middle-eastern lilt. Rendered by the dependable Sonu Nigam with Amrita Kak and Earl D’Souza. Amrita Kak sounds quite a bit like Alisha in many places, especially at the place where she is introduced. Amrita hasn’t quite got her due in Bollywood after having debuted with Just Chill way back in 2005.

A rather pedestrian attempt by Sajid Wajid with the only winner being Ya Rab.. After a decent attempt in Kal Kissne Dekha, Paying Guests is a disappointment from the duo. And if they continue this form, they are going to be pretty much limited to no-brainer comedies.