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  • Maamannan – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)
  • Songs and musician credits at the end. A R Rahman has some iconic train-themed songs to his credit; songs where he has innovatively employed the rhythm of the locomotive. In Jigu Jigu Rail there isn’t much of that; the role of the train sound here is pretty much to bookend the track. However, there is […]

  • Modern Love Chennai – Music Review (Tamil Web Series)
  • Songs and credits (to the extent available) at the end of the review. Also has information on which song belongs to which episode. G V Prakash Kumar gets just the one song in Modern Love Chennai, for Krishnakumar Ramakumar’s Kaadhal Enbadhu Kannula Heart Irukkura Emoji. The composer totally makes his mark with that song though […]

  • Jubilee – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)
  • Songs and complete musician credits at the end. After that brief dip in her output at the start of the decade, it has been nice to see Sunidhi Chauhan’s Bollywood portfolio pick up again in recent months – imagine my delight spotting her name against four songs in Jubilee! Some of the album’s top songs […]

  • Ponniyin Selvan 2 – Music Review (Tamil Soundtrack)
  • Songs and musician credits at the end (credits will be updated as I get hold of more info) Having gotten used to the BGM version of Aga Naga from the first instalment of Ponniyin Selvan, the slight increase in tempo in the extended track took a bit of warming up to, but I am now […]

  • Music Aloud Playback – Best Songs of 2022!
  • Welcome to Music Aloud’s annual roundup #14!  A couple of changes this time around, mostly incorporating feedback I have received for the previous editions. Firstly, I have included separate (but slightly smaller) lists for Telugu, Kannada and Marathi instead of bunching everything up into one “Other Language Films” set. On the flip side though, that […]

  • Qala – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)
  • Songs and complete soundtrack credits at the end. Qala’s director Anvitaa Dutt gets the perennially underrated Sagar Desai to do a guest composition for the soundtrack – Udh Jaayega by Sant Kabir. The song is a bhajan that you will find multiple renditions of on Youtube, by Pt. Kumar Gandharv, Rahul Deshpande etc. If you […]

  • Ponniyin Selvan: I – Music Review (Tamil Soundtrack)
  • Songs and soundtrack credits at the end. Happened to watch Chup over the weekend. Director Balki employs multiple elements in the movie to pay tribute to master director Guru Dutt, prominent among them being SD Burman’s songs from Dutt’s movies Pyaasa and Kagaz Ke Phool; and one of the things that is indelibly stuck in […]

  • Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu – Music Review (Tamil Soundtrack)
  • Songs and album credits at the end. The soundtrack’s first three songs – Muthu’s Journey, Kaalathukkum Nee Venum, Marakkuma Nenjam (well, two songs technically, Muthu’s Journey is an abridged version of Marakkuma Nenjam, presumably the piece that accompanied the movie’s teaser that came out last year) – play out almost like a single, long pleasant […]

  • Thallumaala – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)
  • Songs and musician credits at the end. I have posted videos where available, since that is the best way to enjoy these songs. 🙂 Until a few days back, the wiki entry for Thallumaala translated the title to “Chain of fights” – they have since changed that to “Ballad of fights” which is what the […]