Avarude Raavukal – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

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That the opening flute belies the main tune of Ethetho Swapnamo is a wonderful touch from composer Sankar Sarma, as is the introduction of tabla exactly halfway into the song. The song is well realised even otherwise for that matter, an Ilayaraja-ish tune (shades of Keeravani raga too I think, a raga I tend to most associate with the master composer) and wonderful singing in both male and female versions (Vaisakh C Madhav, Anju Joseph respectively). Pettu Pokumo in some ways reminded me of Amit Trivedi’s Saali Khushi. Aside of the rhythm and electronic elements (complemented by the horns here), the general hopelessness in lyrics too is mirrored here. This song however carries a more pronounced mocking tone about the whole thing, particularly in Vineeth Sreenivasan’s brilliant rendition.

Barring the rap portion in between that involves “freakan” terminology like broi chunk, Vaadaathe Veezhaathe (sung by Arun Haridas Kamath and Arun Alat) is an engaging breezy song that could make for a good travel song. The guitar-laden arrangement finds some nifty additions like Balamurali’s veena in the interludes. Ashik Ashik does not have much by way of lyrics, it is essentially ad lib by the chorus to go with OK Gopi’s minute-long naadaswaram solo, which the man carries off in style. Joker in Pattavayal is another little ditty that lasts just over a minute and quarter. Fun while it lasts though, thanks to a lot of wackiness going on – scatting and the like – over a rock n roll style base.

Composer Sankar Sharma made a promising debut last year in Darwinter Parinaamam. The man continues to deliver on that promise with an even better soundtrack in Avarude Raavukal. His mentor Prashant Pillai would be proud!

Music Aloud Rating: 3.5/5

Top Recos: Ethetho Swapnamo, Pettu Pokumo, Vaadaathe Veezhaathe


Musician Credits

Ethetho Swapnamo
Singer: Vaisakh C Madhav
Lyrics: Siby Padiyara
Music: Sankar Sharma

Vaadathe Veezhathe
Singers: Arun Haridas Kamath, Arun Alat
Lyrics: Harinarayanan BK
Music: Sankar Sharma

Singer: Vineeth Sreenivasan
Lyrics: Siby Padiyara
Music: Sankar Sharma

Ashik Ashik
Singers: Arun Haridas Kamath, Sudheesh US, Liboy Praisly Kripesh, Vaishakh C Madhav, Sankar Sharma
Lyrics: Pious Guit
Music: Sankar Sharma

Ethetho Swapnamo
Singer: Anju Joseph
Lyrics: Siby Padiyara
Music: Sankar Sharma

Joker In Pattavayal
Singers: Arun Haridas Kamath, Liboy Praisly Kripesh,
Lyrics: Pious Guit
Music: Sankar Sharma

All Songs Programmed and Arranged by Sankar Sharma @ Blue Balloon Digital

Mixing and Mastering:-
Shiju Ediyatheril @ M2M Records, Kochi
Hari Shankar @ My Studio, Kochi
Vivek Thomas @ Vivek Thomas Production

Recording Engineers:-
Sai Prakash @ My Studio Kochi
Praveen Iyer @ Akhora Digital Thrissur
Binil Eldhose @ NHQ Kochi
Pg Ragesh and Arul Ghosh @ Krishna Digital Chennai
Denson Davis and Robil Raphel @ Tunes Chalakudy
Rahul R Govinda @ Audio Kraft Bangalore
Rahul Ramachandran and Harshvardhan Gadvi @ Mumbai
Shiju Ediyatheril @ M2M Records Kochi

Guitars – Sumesh Parameshwar, Liboy Praisly Kripesh
Flute – Sriram Sampath, Rison Muttichukkaran
Nadaswaram – O K Gopi
Veena – Balamurali
Tabala – Sunil Kumar
Vocal Harmony – Dhanusha Anil, Arun Haridas Kamath, Sankar Sharma

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