Guddu Rangeela – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

guddu-rangeela-posterYou can listen to the songs and read complete music credits at the end. Really happy that Zee Music decided to credit the complete music crew in their youtube jukebox!

Director Subhash Kapoor in his cameo as composer/lyricist does a seemingly spoofy take on Bhojpuri devotional songs (the movie itself seems a spoof of Bhojpuri style, going by the trailer and the title Guddu Rangeela). He gets the sound right and the singing by Gajendra Phogat too but the lyrics not much, and the result is middling. Irshad Kamil’s entertaining narrative about the protagonists in title song is set to a tune whose jingle like lilt is uplifting but very typical Amit Trivedi fare (that earworm called Honey Bunny is back in my head thanks to this!) that bogs the song down on multiple hearings. Sung commendably by the composer though, alongside Divya Kumar. The remix for a change sounds markedly different from the original, and even sounds a tad better given that it dilutes the déjà vu feel and another competent singer Shahid Mallya joins the pack. Overall even this one is underwhelming, however.

It is in the two melodic duets that Amit delivers his best for the soundtrack. Sooiyan has Chinmayi debuting for the composer, singing alongside Arijit Singh and both of them do a fabulous job here. The charming folksy tune is given a lovely treatment too, highlighted by guitars (Sanjoy Das/Warren Mendonsa) and banjo (Rashid Khan). That Sooiyan Sooiyan Si hook has a very nice ring to it. The other song Sahebaan too features Chinmayi, this time joined briefly by Shahid Mallya; and here too singing is king. Arshad Khan’s esraj rules the arrangement (superb solo in the interlude) that sees an interesting folksy switch where Shahid makes his entry.

Guddu Rangeela. A soundtrack that is made worthwhile by two melodic pieces from Amit Trivedi.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Sooiyan, Sahebaan, Guddu Rangeela (remix)

Music Crew:
– Executive Producer: Krutee Trivedi
– Supervising Producer: Aashish Narula
– Recording Studio: AT Studios
– Recording Engineers: Shadab Rayeen, Assisted by Firoz Shaikh
– Mixed Shadab Rayeen, AT Studios – Mumbai.
– Mastered by Donal Whelan, Masteringworld -U.K.

Musician | Instrument:
– Amit Trivedi | Produced, Arranged & Programmed
– Sovon Mukherjee & Gourab Dutta | Additional Programming
– Arshad Khan | Israj
– Sanjoy Das & Warren Mendonsa | Acoustic Guitar
– Rashid Khan | Banjo

Backing Vocals:
– Keshia Braganza
– Gwen Dias

Mata Ka Email Credits:
Composer: Subhash Kapoor
Lyricist: Subhash Kapoor
Singer: Gajender Phogat
Arrangers & Programmers: Aman Pant


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