Tanu Weds Manu Returns – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

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You can listen to the songs at the end of the review (link via @Prakshid). Complete musician credits have also been provided at the end.

Like Tanu Weds Manu had Sadi Galli, Tanu Weds Manu Returns too has one guest composition, by Tanishq and Vayu. Like the former, this one too follows the techno-folk mix route, and this one too is a fun ride. Some interesting use of folk instruments in the backdrop (the flute, and  that harmonium towards the end deserve a mention), even as Brijesh Shandilya & Swati Sharma do the vocal honours very well, of lyrics written by Vayu (particularly loved the Banno Tera Swagger Laage Sexy line). Lead composer Krsna and lyricist Rajshekhar take over the reins from here on (incidentally both of them debuted in part 1 of the movie). And their first song is Ghani Bawri, a richly arranged (Haryanvi?) folk piece full of energy. Something that works perfectly to singer Jyoti Nooran’s strength, and she owns it. Stripped off all its folk instrumentation, Aditya Dev’s remix doesn’t hold your interest much. Mat Ja Re has a nice tune, but the arrangement sounds dated (cannot take the combination of dafli + melancholy any more). Ankit Tiwari sounds better than he usually does, singing this one.

There is something odd about Anmol Malik’s (Anu Malik’s daughter, for the uninitiated) accent in Old School Girl at times, but the song is nicely done otherwise – in terms of tune, singing and arrangement. Truly an old school jazz piece, like its title, with some excellent trumpet solos by Joseph Monsorate. Krsna sticks to the same tune but changes the instruments for Haryanvi Version – mandolin (Tapas Roy), guitars (Sanjoy Das) and accordion (programmed by Pritesh Mehta who has done the programming and arranging for the whole soundtrack) take the lead here – Sanjoy is especially fab. The Haryanvi-accented singing by Kalpana Gandharv too is brilliant, just that it doesn’t work for me with this tune. Might work in the movie scenario it is used in, but not as a standalone track. As multiple people have pointed out since the song came out a few days back, Move On has a very Bol Beliya (Kill Dil) type feel to it – dark, frenetically paced, possibly have their base in the same raga and both have Sunidhi Chauhan. That is not to say the song is any less entertaining – the energy is infectious and Sunidhi does as brilliant a job as ever. Rajshekhar’s peppering of the lines with English words adds a touch of lightness to the sombre piece – like in Banno, the wording of the title hook (Miya Move On) is the winner here too! It is in the two melodic pieces that the composer truly hits it out of the park. First there is Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar, a breezy guitar-led track that is sung splendidly by Dev Negi. Love how the tabla (Ishteyak Khan) makes its guest appearance. And the last song is O Saathi Mere, an even more gorgeous melody (touches of pilu perhaps) that is wonderfully written by Rajshekhar. Sonu Nigam makes the rendition sound effortless as always, and he is backed up well by the chorus, while the strings section (Mumbai Strings Orchestra) gives the song a rousing effect in the right places, and the flute (Humtoo Dey) and guitar (Sanjoy Das) act as nifty additions at some other points.

Their debut work is still a better one, but Krsna and Rajshekhar’s work in Tanu Weds Manu Returns almost matches the first edition!

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: O Saathi Mere, Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar, Ghani Bawri


· Programmed by Pritesh Mehta

“Ghani Bawri” & Remix Programmed by Aditya Dev

Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer : Vinod Verma

Recording Engineers:

Pramod Chandurkar, Santanu Hudlikar, Urmila Sutar, Rahul Sharma, Gurjinder Singh, Akash Bumbar, Abhishek Khandelwal

· Recorded at Platinum Sound Studios (NYC), Sound Ideaz, YRF Studios, Krishna Audio, Saffron Touch Studios

Musician List

Indian Dhol : Hanif, Aslam

Duff: Pratap Bhai, Deepak Borkar, Hanif, Aslam

Harmonium : Firoz Shah

Tabla: Ishteyak Khan

Trumpet (old school girl) : Joseph Monsorate

Shehnai: Omkar Dhumal

Strokes : Tapas Roy

Live Acoustic & Electric Guitars: Sanjoy Das

Flute: Humtoo

Solo Violin : Manas Kumar

· “Move On” Live Rhythm & Percussions by Dipesh Varma, Lalit

· “Ho Gaya Hai Pyar” Accordian: Lewis Kane

· “Old School Girl” Drums : Gino Banks

· Live Strings by Mumbai String Orchestra

· String Conductor: Neville Franco

· Violins : Prakash Varma, Abhijit, Jude, Chander Makwana, Moni, Rizwan, Sanju Rao, Dilshad, Chandan Singh, Raju Padial

· Violas: Sandeep Thakur, Sanju Varma, Dharmender, Shyam Jawda, Mohan

· String Co-ordinator: Ramanand Shetty

· Additional Vocals : Vishal Mishra, Amit Prakash Mishra, Shreyas Puranik, Mayur Sahare, Aishwarya Bhandari, Suvarna Tiwari, D. Bhanupratap

· Special Thanks to : Rick St. Hillaire, Shreyas Srinivas, Manish Tipu

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