Ennathan Pesuvatho – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

Tholaivil Irukkum Megam has an undeniable Raja flavour to it (underlined by the fact the singer Sriram Parthasarathy is someone I have heard most as part of Raja songs). And that still take anything away from the song’s allure, courtesy mainly of the glorious array of string instruments composer Imman uses to dominate the background. And Sriram is outstanding with his singing! With its seemingly charukeshi base and the general feel, Nenje Nenje starts off sounding suspiciously close to Nenjil Nenjil from Engeyum Kaadhal, but that moment passes soon thankfully. And the song soon unfolds into an engaging Tamil debut for Harshdeep Kaur, one that she aces her usual way. In the duet version she is joined by Dhilip Varman who is equally fabulous.

Yaro Yaro is strong on vocals – the ever-awesome Vijay Prakash leading from the front, and a well-employed choral section in tow. Unfortunately the song isn’t as top notch and loses steam after a while, some impressive work in the interludes notwithstanding. Composer takes the backseat for the short, pious Sabke Vinathi, letting the vocalists do their thing with Raqueeb Alam‘s lines. And Vandana Srinivasan and Nivas do that in excellent fashion in their respective versions! My favourite from the soundtrack is the Latino-flavored Adada Adada that appeals instantly with its simple, sing-along tune and some nice touches on the arrangement, like the accordion and flute. Alaap Raju makes sure things are well taken care of behind the mic.

Ennathan Pesuvatho. Imman’s fourth soundtrack of the year deserves way more than the 550 play counts its jukebox shows at the time that I embed it here.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Adada Adada, Tholaivil Irukkum Megam, Nenje Nenje (duet)

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