Aiyyaa – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

I have been giving Dreamum Wakeupam multiple tries from the day that mind boggling video went up. But no, I still find the song too wacky for my taste; particularly so for Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics – Amit Trivedi’s arrangement in fact is pretty much along a standard Tamil kuthu song route. Hat tip to Sowmya Raoh though, quite liked her rendition. After Navrai Majhi Amit gets Sunidhi Chauhan to sing one more Marathi track, a lavani this time. And except for a mild diversion in the second interlude the composer sticks to the lavani template all through Sava Dollar. The wackiness theme is maintained here too by the vocalists, Sunidhi and the chorus. The composer goes techno fusion with Aga Bai (of which is the Aiyyaa bit that appears in the trailer). Though it is less of classical and more of techno in this, the mix is quite interesting, at times taking you back to DevD’s Paayaliya. And despite the processing one can make out enough of Shalmali Kholgade and Monali Thakur’s singing.

Dreamum Wakeupam isn’t the only South-themed song in the soundtrack. While Dreamum is folk-based, Wakda is Carnatic-based madness. And the composer himself gets behind the mic to deliver it in style. It might be that the soothing feel of Mahek Bhi is augmented in relativity to the rest of the soundtrack, but there is no mistaking the quality of Shreya Ghoshal’s singing or of the orchestration – that shehnai is a lovely addition to the proceedings. But in a seeming quid pro quo deal for Keh Ke Loonga, Amit Trivedi sets aside the best of the soundtrack for Sneha Khanwalkar. What To Do is trademark stuff from the composer – an arrangement highlighted by some exceptional touches (that sarod and that parody of the lijjat papad jingle – what brilliance!). Add to all this some double entendre-laden Hinglish lyrics from Amitabh Bhattacharya (who also doubles up as singer alongside Sneha), and you have a winner!

A soundtrack that totally lives up to the craziness that the trailer of Aiyyaa augurs – Amit Trivedi style!

Music Aloud Rating – 8/10

Top Recos – What To Do, Mahek Bhi, Aga Bai

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