Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl – Music Review (Bollywood Movie Soundtrack)

Aadat Se Majboor follows a template that Salim Sulaiman have mastered over time, and works quite well even now despite being evocative of the predecessors – the groovy arrangement, the hep feel and one of the coolest voices around, Benny Dayal. Even the rap-based cameo by Ranvir Kapoor is a nice touch. Too much techno killed the remix. The second track Jazba is again something on the lines of the first, though with a fresher and more imaginative arrangement. The composers get Shilpa Rao to sing this song that is not the kind she is generally known to sing. And she nails it. The remix is again a techno fest but you can hear it if you want to note the difference between Anoushka Manchanda and Shilpa’s singing.

Thug Le is like a Punjabi-rock-based take on Ladki Kyun. But barring Vishal Dadlani and Shweta Pandit’s singing the song doesn’t impress much, for once the heard before-ness not quite working. Jigar Da Tukda is quite literally a reprise to Ainvayi Ainvayi, complete with Salim Merchant leading the vocals alongside Shraddha Pandit. Except Ainvayi sounded much better. But the composers get the instrumental theme called Fatal Attraction totally right, interspersing a primarily techno piece with some fabulous flute and acoustic guitar segments.

So the Band Baaja Baarat team comes together again for Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, but the campaign doesn’t quite kick off in style, owing to Salim-Sulaiman’s propensity towards reusal. Hopefully the movie won’t follow suit.

Music Aloud Rating – 6/10

Top Recos – Aadat Se Majboor, Jazba, Fatal Attraction