Mullassery Madhavan Kutty, Nemam PO – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

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Director Kumar Nanda helps bring back memories of legendary composer Raveendran with Paathi Maayum, a reusal of a tune the composer had done for the original (shelved) version of the movie Chakram which was supposed to be Vidya Balan’s debut (the tune could not be used by Lohithadas in his version of the movie due to copyright issues, the tune later came out in a private album Johnny Sagarika launched, called Ishtamaanu). Coming back to the song, Paathi Maayum has the trademark Raveendran template used for melancholic songs, the strings, the tabla et al, and Yesudas doing the rendition. Nice listen. And then enters composer Rathish Vega, with a pretty avoidable song called Ishtaswapnam sung by Vijay Yesudas. As if to remind us of what his previous composition was, he includes the lead refrain of Neeyam Thanalinu in the first interlude. Bad place to be reminding us of that song though. Only solace (!) for the composer is that the song has a matchingly bad video. Rathish just about betters things with his second and last offering, packaging a marginally more engaging Kannaaram Potthi in an arrangement that once again, despite interesting moments, reminds strongly of Neeyaam Thanalinu.

Middling soundtrack that passes muster because of a song that wasn’t even composed originally for Mullassery Madhavan Kutty Nemam PO. Not that the videos are giving me any better hopes regarding the movie either.

Music Aloud Rating: 5.5/10

Top Reco: Paathi Maayum