Murder 2 (Hindi Movie Soundtrack) – Music Review

You can listen to the complete soundtrack here.

Debutant composer Harshit Saxena has a pretty easy job with his sole song for the soundtrack, Hale Dil, as he simply follows the standard melancholic romance template of the Bhatts, a formula which works every single time though with lesser and lesser recall value each time. Being an accomplished singer that he already is, Harshit takes up the vocals as well and executes it very soulfully. Though he is stymied in his creativity in the original track he does employ a lot of it in the acoustic version, which is therefore a better listen despite not exactly being an “acoustic” track. Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur, the next set of composers, start off with a wonderfully orchestrated Aa Zara which makes spectacular use of Sunidhi Chauhan’s vocals. The general feel is akin to Udi from Guzaarish. The lounge-ish remix also works nicely for the song’s genre. Their second song though, Tujhko Bhulaana, where Sangeet himself gets behind the mic with Roshni Baptist (interesting name), isn’t half as impressive with its middling arrangement.

With that enters composer no. 3, Mithoon Sharma. And his Aye Khuda is charming, but with a very heavy hangover from his previous sufi-oriented works. Nevertheless there is never a moment that it gets boring, thanks to a splendid job on the vocals by Kshitij Tarey, Saim Bhat and the composer himself. The remix could have been avoided. Melancholic songs are something Mithoon has excelled in right from the start of his career, and even in the closing song of Murder 2, Phir Mohabbat, he presents a beautiful piece, which while not being entirely devoid of déjà vu elements is ultra addictive. Mohammad Irfan does total justice to the mood with his impeccable rendition.

So it is music as usual from the Bhatts in Murder 2 as well — dark, melancholic, tried and tested formulae, couple of stand-out tracks.

Music Aloud rating — 7/10

Top recos — Aa Zara, Hale Dil (acoustic), Phir Mohabbat

Rohit says:

Phir mohabbat are superb mithoon always rocks with his soulful composition