Komaram Puli – Music Review

This review comes from a dear friend, Anusha. So any brickbats, you know whom to direct them at! 😉komaram puli

Dochey: Lady Kash n Krissy, Shreya Ghoshal

Lady Kash n Krissy..  ARR surely has a way of choosing some of the most exotic singers!! The initial rap effect is splendid. Shreya then joins in on a sensuous note, in style of what she has done for ARR in Ah Aah, SoK etc. Look out for the beats between 2:49 – 3:01. Reminds me a bit of Style from Sivaji, but still too good with a bit of accordion at the back. This one will definitely have all music lovers humming ‘Make the bad guys cry!!’

Maham Maye: Javed Ali, Suchitra, Mili Nair

Singer Suchitra finally bags her first song with ARR and does a neat job, accompanying the ever-dependable Javed Ali. Though the starting beats sound slightly staid, its in the interlude that ARR displays his brilliance with an orchestral string sequence.

Namakame: Chitra, Madhushree, Harini

Three ladies sing a very beautiful hymn rather a lullaby for the God. As the song proceeds further, a mild mridangam is heard in the background which gives a good rhythm to the otherwise slow song. The instrumentation of the song and also the feel of the song entirely reminds one of ‘Oh Palanhare’ from Lagaan. The song seems to be in Raga Anandabhairavi, at least the part where Chitra’s beautiful humming happens (3:50).

Power Star: Tanvi Shah, Vijay Prakash

Good start!! But unfortunately Telugu people might not be able to understand what Tanvi is singing. People with no knowledge about the language would definitely enjoy the song for its engaging Punjabi-tinged arrangement characterised by the grand beats. Was that Blue the chorus was singing in between?? Vijay is going places these days with the different genres he is experimenting with. Kudos to him!!

Amma Thale: Naresh Iyer, Swetha Mohan

The starting reminded of good old days of ARR like Roja and Gentleman. And then entered Swetha (Singer Sujatha’s daughter – remember the child voice in Kuchi Kuchi Rakma) with her tongue-twister lyrics followed by Naresh with a slightly westernized rendition of ‘Amma Thale’ such that one cannot identify that it is actually him singing. The tempo of the song reminded me of ARR’s Padakali from the Malayalam movie Yodha and also Thickuruvi. As a signature, ARR has changed the pitch of the song in the end and Naresh joins the twister train of Swetha’s, before ending with a classical version of that which he started off on a westernized note.

Maaralante: ARR, KMMC choir conducted by Kavita Baliga

Though in the promo Maaralante didn’t sound great, in its entirety it totally blows you away. The KMMC orchestra has been conducted by Kavita Baliga, the lady who sang the mesmerizing aria in Rahman’s score for Shekhar Kapur’s short film called Passage. A fine orchestration by all the students of KM Music Conservatory with their guru singing in the lead. And they have backed him up so beautifully its hard to say who is better! KMMC shows every sign of going on to make ARR proud.

A mixed bag of sorts from ARR, which is more than what director SJ Surya(aaarrghhh!) deserves for the atrocious on-screen treatment he gave to ARR’s music in New and more importantly, Anbe Aaruyire! You can listen to the songs here.
Rating: 8/10
Recommended tracks: Maaralante [for KMMC’s brilliance!!], Dochey, Amma Thale

Mozart says:

Yeah Village Guys will not reach ARR…But english music reaches you city people through ARR..i.. as copied tunes.. which you are also not aware of…. ARR got Oscar award just because of his compisitions to a Movie which degrades INDIA in all the possible ways. Still he took it. In reality he should have got this for many other movies in the past. But he didnot get for those…. juss think of the reasonssss yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy he failed to get for good music but now he got for a scrap music……..

yallamanda rao says:


yallamanda rao says:

songs are rocking………………..
village guys will not rich ARR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jai says:

For those who like this songs ….. grow up guys !!!!!!! dont deceive u r heart …

Ranjit says:

I am just blown away by the song “Maaralante lokam…..”
Can’t wait to see it on screen….

On the whole happy with the album except for probably one song.
Thanks for the review

ishiqa says:

instead of ar rahman if devi sri prasad was there puli songs would be the best of all.also chandrabose wrote bad lyrics for puli album.
i expected that puli songs will be the best songs but these songs really disappointed me.

Sreehari says:

Extraordinary Songs !!!

Some People Will Cry …about such a Good Combination

Pawan-AR Rehaman-SJ surya

“Make the bad guys cry…!!”

kiran says:

amma thale normooyave notimuthyal jarniyakey sucks. the rest of the song is so neat whenever these lyrics come it sucks.

bhanu royal says:

songs are rocking.. ARR done a good job again with new track in telugu fans,bcoz more over telugu songs will be based on folk music, but now ARR done with different instrumental music in pulli… especially Maham Maye song superbb, u rock rahman….. jai ho!!!!

kamal says:

Hi guys the songs are average i can say. I hope rehman in telugu is a wrong choice for the albums. The same happened with puli too.

kausik says:

guys guys….don write this album off so easily..it creepily grows on u sooo much that ull go mad even if u stop listenin for a moment..its happenin to me..i hated each and every song at first..now its soo addicting that evn mekaes me cryy…relax and let it growww….remember..rahman is god..and there is nothinlike his reign is lost….he is altime music god….

sunil says:

Except a couple of songs, all others are averaged.
It doesn’t seems to be kind of ARR’s magic music.
On the whole, I wld rate this album an average.

Maestro says:

Rahman’s tunes for the songs of PULI are just okie. S J Surya should have choosen Mickey (Mickey J Meyer) for this album, as he should have done justice for the music of this movie.

Mozart says:

The music has no barriors of language. It is just a pleasing soung that should take ones heart and mind into a world of fantacy. But once coming to the lyrics, one should really keep in mind that, the musician should be in a position to pick the right lyrics for the story the movie wholely deals with till the END. Comming to ARR’s music he is definitely a real talent in using the instruments and rerecording. But his tunes are not like those of pre 2002 ARR’s music. His music has become totally commercial from the true spirit of music. His reign is gone. A new golden music era has commenced with very few fresh entrants from Trinity College of Music, London like M.J.M (Mickey.J.Meyer) gives life to music. Coming to Yuvan Shankar Raja few of his tunes resemble those of his Father Ilaya Raja but with new instruments. ARR’s nephew GV Prakash who is also a product of Trinity has totally collapsed.

x says:

super arr thaks

Jagadish D says:

Hey guys,

I have a request. I want you guys to comment here after say 10 days from the day you commented here. I am kinda sure you will have a different opinion. Because it happened with me so many times and also with Pulli songs.

Jai ho ARR and his way of making magical music.


DimiParvanov says:

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

king says:

music not good. its very bad chore from AR to Pulli

Vissagan G. says:

S.J. Surya does not deserve A.R. Rahman’s music. He completely destroyed A.R. Rahman’s music in New. This album is far from A.R. Rahman’s best, and I’m quite sure that Rahman didn’t put much effort into making this album. S.J. Surya does not deserve A.R. Rahman!

Leonard Jones says:

Melodies are lost with some crazy Jankar like beats. Need to use telegu singers. It sounds like a slum song with so much of shouting. I guess ARR picked songs here and there and assembled for SJ Surya. Listening to Roja is still sounding great after so many years. May be ARR has lost it or we have no sense of music these days.