Leaving Home: Go watch it!

Leaving_HomeLeaving home – a documentary on the life and music of Indian Ocean by Jaideep Verma released nationally last Friday. Writer-director Jaideep Verma has done a brilliant job of bringing the struggle of being an Indian band to the screen.

The movie has three storylines. First, it traces the evolution of Indian Ocean as a band and the struggle they had to go through to take the band where it is today. Second, it traces the life of each of the bands members and how their background has affected the sound of Indian Ocean. Third, it also tells the story behind the music and lyrics of a few of their songs. The three storylines per se are well intermingled with some superb editing. The original footage of around 200 hours has been edited down to around two hours for theatrical release.

The band setup a small stage at their “home” in Karol Bagh area of New Delhi where they performed a few of their songs for the purpose of this movie. So, if you are a fan of Indian Ocean, you just cannot miss this. If you are a fan of music, you just cannot miss this. If you like good movie making, you just cannot miss this. So do go and watch this movie at the nearest theatre.

Movie Homepage: http://www.leavinghomethefilm.com/

Tickets: http://www.bigcinemas.com/IN/default.aspx