Quizzes #37 and #38

Quiz #37: The lady in the pic, though not a musician herself, is known for her varied “contributions” to the world of music. ID.

Quiz #38: Connect the three sets.



Quiz #37: The lady in the pic is Pattie Boyd, former wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton. She is supposed to have inspired many classic compositions like Harrison’s Something and For You Blue, and Clapton’s Layla, Wonderful Tonight and Bell Bottom Blues.

Quiz #38: The first set – Jay-Z, Prince and Metallica – have all composed albums titled the Black Album.

The second set – Lewis Black, Fleetwood Mac and Beatles – have all come out albums titled the White Album.

And the last pic is of DJ Danger Mouse who once came out with The Grey Album, which combined acappellas from Jay-Z’s black album with the instrumentals from The Beatles’ White Album. 🙂

Surprisingly no one cracked Quiz 37! Rosh and Flightless One managed to solve 38 however. So they get a point apiece.

the flightless one says:

#37 – is this the lady that inspired the “girl from ipanema”?

#38 – jay z, prince etc had releases called “black album”, and the beatles and others had the “white album”.. danger mouse has “grey album”

Rosh says:

Ans to #38: The Black Album + The White Album = The Grey Album