Green Day’s 20th Century Breakdown will be out this Friday.

600px-21st_century_breakdown_album_coverThe world is not going to forget George W. Bush soon and it seems like Green Day won’t make that any easier. Green Day’s latest album 21st Century Breakdown which will hit the stores this Friday the 15th,  carries on from where American Idiot left off. Known for their Bush bashing and angry poetry Green Day has taken it to a new level with this album.  Like American Idiot the new release is a rock opera and tells the story of an American couple. Musically the album matches the brilliance of  it’s predecessor and that’s not a small thing to do, with songs like Boulevard of Broken Dreams and  Wake me up when September ends, American.. was a runaway success and had won Green Day a lot of new fans. Green Day in an interview stated  that the Queen, the Clash and Bruce Springsteen have influenced this release. The album is very much a child of the times we are in and launches a punk attack against “the enemy”. Even though Bush has disappeared to his Texas Ranch, thanks to the Economic Crisis we still have lots of gloomy days ahead and this album has enough anger and energy to fight that off.  Get ready for the breakdown!

In between Green Day performed songs from the latest album for some 250 odd fans at a Oakland club. Here is a video.